Gallery 2 - Dorothy L. W. Redding art portfolio illustrations
All images © DLW Redding 2008

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Alaskan Malamute Pups in Sled; pastel
Wolf Pups; pen & ink
Doe in Woods; watercolor
Artic Wolf. Pen & Ink
Siberian Husky; pastel
Alaskan Malamute. Pen & Ink
Yellow Lab; Pastel
Wolf Pups; pen & ink
Fox in Snow; oil
Man in Boat; oil
Girl Wearing Eylet Dress; pastel
Man with German Shepherd; oil
Girl in Azalea Garden; pastel
Toddler in Sandels; pastel
Girl Reading; pastel
Julie; oil.
Lady with Cat; oil
Lighthouse; oil
Sailboats in Annapolis; oil
Giraffes in Moonlight; pastel
Elephants Walking; pastel
Animal Friends; pastel
Grazing Sheep; oil
Rhodesian Ridgeback; pen & ink
Alaskan Malamute; oil
Portrait of Man in Suit; Oil

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